Molson Dry Augmented Reality Campaign Wins Boomerang Prize

Fake and Total Immersion would like to congratulate Cossette for being recognized at the annual  Boomerang Awards for the Molson Dry augmented reality campaign.  Fake has once again been recognized for its innovative work and the successful execution of the Molson Dry augmented reality campaign. This project has received recognition through countless articles, and has been nominated as a finalist in the London International Awards.

Although this technological accomplishment has created worldwide buzz, it is the comparison of its visual quality, and artistic innovation to the rest of the graphic world that largely influenced the perception of this campaign. Mato Atom, who also directed the TV spot, contributed enormously to this project. For the past five years, Fake has been a leader in the constant evolution of interactive technologies, from feature films, to commercials, and visual effects for leading American producers. Mato Atom and Anthony Furlong are both available for contracts exclusively in Canada through Fake.  

Molson Dry’s “Ready Bottle” Ad Campaign – A North American First.

The television campaign is composed of three 15-second clips conceived around a ground-breaking feature known as “augmented reality” (AR). Overcoming several technological barriers, a research and development cycle endowed Fake with the tools needed to satisfy the client’s expectations. Amongst these is a custom-built video recorder allowing web-surfers to transmit their videos over the internet, where the campaign’s contagion continues to spread. In addition, the AR platform also works with Apple’s Mac operating system, once again a first for Fake and the Total Immersion technology.

Fake, which has elected to position itself as a leader in visual effects design and technological research, has signed up director Mato Atom, best known for his irreverent graphical style. Fake has been developing its partnerships and expertise for over a decade and its projects regularly receive national and international critical acclaim.

Project Review : Molson Dry Online Campaign Video

Dry, real. More augmented reality. This time from Canadian brewer Molson and its Molson Dry brand. When the beer bottle reaches the perfect temperature, it’s time for a party message reveal. All you need to do is download an app and hold your Molson Dry up to the webcam.
“You will see an animated party message come out of your bottle, which you can then control by moving your bottle,” says the brand. “You can even record your performance and add it to the video gallery, which has been created for this purpose, so that we can see you.”


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