Online Marketing: Tech edge augmenting the Molson label

Dry, real. More augmented reality. This time from Canadian brewer Molson and its Molson Dry brand. When the beer bottle reaches the perfect temperature, it’s time for a party message reveal. All you need to do is download an app and hold your Molson Dry up to the webcam.
“You will see an animated party message come out of your bottle, which you can then control by moving your bottle,” says the brand. “You can even record your performance and add it to the video gallery, which has been created for this purpose, so that we can see you.”

The entire creative execution (TV and Augmented Reality) has been delivered by the Montreal based production compagny Fake Studio ( for the agency Cossette.

Here’s the site where all this happens.
Watch the  ad spot featuring the Party Ready Bottle.


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